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Why Swiss Chocolate Is Most Heavenly!!

Why Swiss Chocolate Is Most Heavenly!!


Now who doesn’t like chocolates, it certainly is my favourite thing in the whole wide world–but we all have that one favourite brand that gets us so indulged in the ecstatic process of having it that we have it all over our hands and probably some on the side of our lip too–ahh! And if something like this has not yet happened to you need to try swiss chocolate.


1. The first revolutionary in our chronicle is François-Louis Cailler, founder of the oldest Swiss chocolate business still in existence and inventor of a mechanised procedure to press chocolate.


2. In 1826, Phillippe Suchard developed a machine to mix sugar and cocoa mass, which re-defined the chocolate-making process.


3. A particular Swiss speciality is milk chocolate. The first solid milk chocolate ever made was developed in 1875 by the Swiss confectioner Daniel Peter using condensed milk.


4. South American cacao is the most significant ingredient in our Swiss Milk Chocolate. Cacao is hand-picked from quality trees deep in the jungle. This rare cacao contributes to the addictive qualities of this chocolate. The highest-quality milk from mountain regions of Switzerland is combined with cacao in the chocolate-making process.


5. Swiss chocolate is known for its high price–which can be attributed to its great quality.





Try these on my recommendation:


Lindt Swiss Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts, 300g

Price: 919 INR

 Rich milk chocolate, you will not forget the taste ever.

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7. Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate, 272g

Price: 679 INR

Quality milk product

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9. What better to do on a lazy Sunday than tasting swiss chocolates with your boyfriend. 

So, let me know in the comments down below your favourite swiss chocolate and where can we find it. 

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