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With Following Bedside Lamps Jalao Apne Dimag Ki Batti!

With Following Bedside Lamps Jalao Apne Dimag Ki Batti!



With the following recommended exquisite and stylish bedside lamps, enlighten your book reading experience.


“Give light to your bed and corners of your heart and room.”



1. The Crown Royal Decorative Table Lamp

“Lamp jo badaade aapke kamre ki shobhaa.”

      An exquisite piece of shining lamp that will outshine your bedroom when kept besides.

      Dark royal with a vibrant hue will illuminate your aas paas ka area.

      This stainless steel se bana ye lamp is one of the best bedside lamps to gift for your family and friends on special occasions to make yaadgaar pal.

      It is available on the company website for INR 10,999.



2. Thinking Out Loud Bedside Wall Light

“Ek taraf bed hai to dujji taraf ek sona sa lamp hai.”

      A great way to end your day and start your goodnight after reading a book under the bedside wall light.

      An elegant vibe brings to your heart and a smile on your face

      The lamp could hold only one bulb of types: LED, CFL or Incandescent Bulbs.

      Available on the company website for INR 6,450



3. Leather Books Lamp

“Ek chaand sa roshan lamp, jo chaar-chaand laga de aapki reading ko.”

      Amongst the expensive, exquisite and unique bedside lamps.

      Exclusively used for book reading anytime jab mann chaha.

      Size- 14 meter diameter.

      Perfect for book readers.

      Available on the company website for INR 56,000.



4. Table Lamp-Rustic Home Décor, Upcycled Bottle, Desk Lamp, Whiskey Bottle, Bar Light, Industrial Light, Man Cave

“Raat ka nasha abhi, book se gaya nahi.”

      The above words highlight mainly the lamp and its usage.

      Handcrafted and twisted black pipe crafted in whiskey bottle lamp.

      It is one of the most suitable bedside lamps for home decor.

      The base is customisable by changing the size.

      Available on the company website for INR 15,759.



5. Antique Crown Milano Royal Flemish Mt Washington Gone with the Wind Lamp Magnificent

“bade bade shehron mein maginificent bedside lamps bhi available hoti hai, Senorita.”

      The lamp gives a vintage (from the 19th century) accent and will increase the elegance of your room.

      Superbly gorgeous in its crown shape, this is one of the best bedside lamps.

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      Such a rare piece of electrification available on the company website is INR 95,215.




“Early to bed, early to rise, here is Triviano to save your life.”

      Stylish wall lamp framed in rich bronze finish.

      Elegant design perfect for your home decor.

      Aesa lamp jo aapke bedroom or bhi beautiful banaade.

      Easy to fix in a very transitional way.

      Available on the company website at INR 13,500.



7. BAUM Bedtime Lamps

“Yakeen ek tubelight ki tarah hota hai…der se jalta hai…lekin jab jalta hai, toh full light kar deta hai.”

      To all the plant lovers, the lamp has beautiful branches growing out in lightning directions. It is tarah ki aapki gali mein chaand nikla.

      Gold finish structure and the perfect ambience for your wall bedroom.

      The ball-shaped LED bulbs give an immense and electrifying charm.

      The price of the lamp on the company website is INR 32,500.



Toh ab without delay, consider these subtle and unique bedside lamps jo bilkul pagal karde aapke reading zone ko.

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