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Wool Types That You Should Know About!

Wool Types That You Should Know About!


Though there are numerous benefits of wool, there are many different types that you should know to better choose your next wool-garment.

LAMBSWOOL: A quality Lamb is collected from the first shearing of the sheep, considered as softest. It is typically shorn from lambs that are not yet seven months old.


MERINO: Merino wool is named after a sheep breed called Merino. Merino is popular among luxury clothing brands. It is so fine that it can have a diameter of down to 17 microns.

CASHMERE: Cashmere is collected from the neck region of the undercoat. Cashmere is a fine-material, obtained from goats. Precisely, from the undercoat of the Cashmere goat.


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MOHAIR: Mohair is obtained from Angora goats. The finest mohair is collected from the first three shearings of angora goats. Mohair has a slightly larger diameter than other wool up to 20-40 microns.


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ANGORA WOOL: This type of wools is obtained from the undercoat of the angora rabbit. Its fibres are very fine and are only about 10-15 microns in diameter. This is why angora is softer in comparison to all other wool.


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ALPACA: This is obtained from Alpaca animals, native from South America. Its hairs are soft, having a diameter of only 15-40 microns. On average alpaca can yield about 3.5 kilos in a year.

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VICUNA: Vicuna is one of the most expensive selling wool. It is considered to be one of the finest and softest fibres. But, it is also rare, which makes it more expensive. It is sold for up to $3000 per yard.

Do you know, Roman Legionnaires used wool in their breastplates? Intriguing, indeed.

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