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Wrestling: Know The Sport Which Became Aamir’s Ticket To 2000 Cr Club

Wrestling: Know The Sport Which Became Aamir’s Ticket To 2000 Cr Club


Wrestling has given India its numerous gems: including our on-screen Hanuman Ji, Dara Singh, Phogat Sisters, Yogeshwar Dutt, Sakshi Malik, and many others, who became the pride of Indian Wrestling. It has also been an inspiration behind some legendary songs like the title tracks of Dangal and Sultan, which are enough to uplift you and ignite a fire of motivation inside you!

We’ve collected a few details which can explain a little bit more about: What is Wrestling?

1. It is a combat sport commonly played between two players and occasionally between more than two players. It involves many techniques of hand-to-hand combat.

Wrestling, Dangal

2. Being called the world’s oldest sport, Wrestling traces its origin before 3000BC. The ancient drawings on the walls of caves depicted the moves that are used to this date.

3. There are many types: Freestyle , Greco-Roman,  Sumo, Glima, Shuai Jiao, etc. Each style has its own set of rules.

wrestling organizations

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4. It was a part of the Ancient Olympics held in 708 BC. Greco-Roman Wrestling was included in the first Modern Olympics, organized in Athens in 1896. Freestyle Wrestling was introduced in 1904.

5. Although Wrestling has many diverse types, there are three basic ones:

  • The first one is Belt-and-jacket Wrestling. The player can grip their opponent primarily through a special belt or belted jacket and worn special trousers.
Belt-and-jacket method

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  • In Catch-Hold Wrestling, the contestants get hold of each other in a particular way before the beginning of the contest and often maintain it till the end. This type is not very popular in modern times.
Catch-Hold Wrestling

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  • The third type is Loose-style Wrestling. Almost all international competitions nowadays use it. The wrestlers stand separately at the beginning of the contest. They can use any grip they want, except the forbidden ones.
Loose-style Wrestling

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6. In India, Wrestling has remained a well-known means to stay physically fit since ancient times. A Loincloth, locally called Langot, is a traditional attire.


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7. Ancient Hindu epics and scriptures like the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Sangam Tamil Literature have the official mentions of that era. The Mahabharata narrates an account of Wrestling between Bhima and Jarasandha, known as Malla-Yudhh at that time.

8. Although It doesn’t require any types of equipment, it is a very demanding sport. All the core attributes of physical fitness, like strength, power, speed, flexibility, and endurance, are required.

9. Apart from the main attributes of physical fitness, core strength is the utmost crucial attribute for a wrestler. It allows the wrestler to make maximum beneficial use of the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, groin, and gluteal area.


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Wrestling is indeed a serious sport that requires more than just muscles and power. As in Dangal, we heard those wise words:

“Taqat toh genda bhi lagata hai, lekin Sher lagata hai Taqat aur Technique, dono. Sher ban-na hai, genda nahi.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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