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Lord Shiva as Yaksheshwar to Vanquish Pride of Gods

Lord Shiva as Yaksheshwar to Vanquish Pride of Gods

Sarthak Mittal

The Story of Yaksheshwar revolves somewhere around the vanity of Gods. Gods are like role-models for people. If they possess pride, the message they’ll send might get wrong.

1. During the well-known Samundra Manthan, devtas defeated the demons and drank all the amrit. This made the deities arrogant.


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2. Lord Shiva was concerned about this arrogant temperament of the deities.

3. Shiva appeared in front of the deities as Yaksheshwar. He asked Devtas about the reason behind their arrogance. Devtas explained that they are defeating the demons.

4. Lord Shiva was disappointed to hear such a reply, which was filled with pride. Pride was not a quality that Gods should possess.

5. Then, Shiva asked them to cut the grass if they considered themselves so mighty. He then kept a grass’s leaf in front of them.

6. Each deity tried to cut the leaf with their best weapons, but none of and their pride was vanquished.

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7. Suddenly a voice was heard, which said that Yaksheshwar was not another person, but Lord Shiva himself.

8. After hearing this voice, all deities felt guilty and realised their mistake.


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9. Later, each deity apologised to Lord Shiva.


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Pride is an evil vibe that can often make one fall on the ground in the time of reality. The moral that this mythological incident sends is not for Gods alone but even us to realise.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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