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Zoo Ki Safari!

Zoo Ki Safari!



A zoo is a place where you can identify yourself in a more similar environment than others, just like an animal. Human beings never compromise on their recreational activities. The idea of setting up zoos can clearly reflect back the tendency of “pados wali aunty interfering in other homes for their own enjoyment.”



Zoo means zoological garden or animal park where animals are housed for conservation or recreational purposes. But there are many more interesting facts to it.



1. In ancient times, zoos were way too fantasised like our crushes. They were known as Royal Menageries for the kings. Here animals were kept only for the Royal Family. “paisa hai toh kuch bhi ho sakta maalik.”



2. Few things never swayed away with time, and one of them is the Oldest Zoo of the World. It exists even today, named Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria, constructed in 1752. But as you know, “Old is Gold,” this place has all those historical imprints that will drive you crazy.



3. Creativity is something that humans always drive for miles to achieve their goals. So, in 1906, humans were also exhibited along with non-human animals to display the difference between European and non-European. “kaafi tez dimaag.”



4. Zoo later changed its path and moved to ecological balance rather than focusing on recreational activities. So the prime role of the zoo was to convey the message of conservation of animals. So, they stopped all the animal trick shows to respect and save them.



5. Zoos have their own versions, just like we have different personalities for different ‘rishtedars’. So, there are variations in their names, but one thing in common is that they all have confined animals. Safari parks, aquaria, petting zoos or animal theme parks. Remember Roadside Romeo? There is a Roadside Zoo too, but not irritating like that Lunatic Romeo.



6. Now, let us gossip about some interesting facts about these zoos. During World War II, London killed all its venomous animals. This was done, so they cannot be used against them if someone bombed the zoo or set them free. “risak toh lene ka hi nahi re baba.”


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7. Don’t try to be smart in front of smart heads! In 1987, a German Shepherd Dog fought against a Jaguar and defeated him to save the life of a Zoo Worker. “What a brave, golden braveheart! Just like our ‘Shaktiman’.”



8. China is a real OG, boss! It owns all the giant Pandas worldwide and lends them to other countries with really high rent: “25 din mein Panda se Paise double.”



9. A human zoo isn’t a myth. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a zoo in Paris, where humans were kept from different colonies like Sudan, India, China and Congo. Just imagine looking up at a human in a cage: “dil se bura lagta hai yaar.”



So, now you have all the vital information on zoos, and you can roam there with much more knowledge and awareness. But never hinder their peace and sleep, please. Show etiquette while meeting them, as you will to a fellow human being. It will make them feel at least happy, be it only for a moment.

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