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All Hail Zoology: From Cow’s Moo to Human’s Woo

All Hail Zoology: From Cow’s Moo to Human’s Woo


Ever thought, what could be the reason for us being so keen to learn about the animals around us? The only explanation for this is that we compare ourselves to them as we are so closely related to them. And here enters zoology! Keep scrolling.

The discipline that deals with our curious questions related to animals like their habits, evolution, development, structure, classification, embryology, etc., is called Zoology.

dinosaur, carnivorus dinosaur

Derived from the Greek term zōion meaning animals and logos meaning knowledge. It refers to “knowledge related to the animals.”

A master’s degree in this discipline can turn you into a professional Zoologist.

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Our multi-talented, Greek-man, Aristotle is also the father of traditional zoology.


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The entire credit for over-the-years development in this is given to Konrad Von Gesner.

Konrad Von Gesner was a Swiss naturalist, often regarded as the father of modern zoology.

The knowledge of zoology gets enhanced when applied in daily life, turning into the experimental approach of zoology.

Philosopher and Swiss naturalist, Abraham Trembley is given the title of the father of Experimental Zoology.

Swiss naturalist, Abraham Trembley

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Zoological Parks (or Zoo) is an artificial setting or habitat under the supervision of humans, maintained for the survival of different animals.

Zoological Parks, Zoo, Elephant

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Yeah, we know that sounded too scholarly–LOL. But, zoology can answer all our mysteries, from basic questions of how reproduction takes place to the complex ones that deal with something said as the angiography process. The deeper we dive into our curiosity, the more exciting this subject becomes.

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