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Zoroastrianism might be the World’s first Monotheistic Practice!

Zoroastrianism might be the World’s first Monotheistic Practice!

Sarthak Mittal

Have you ever read about Zoroastrianism?

The upcoming facts will cover everything that you must be aware of about Zoroastrianism.

1. Zoroastrianism is an ancient Persian religion, believed to have begun around 4000 years ago.

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2. Possibly, the first-ever monotheistic faith that still exists today, Zoroastrianism is also considered by many as one of the oldest religions of the World.

3. Round the Globe, estimated worshipers of Zoroastrianism are 1,00,000-2,00,000. It is practiced today as a minority religion in parts of Iran and India.

4. Zarathrustra (Ancient Persian) or Zoroaster, was a prophet, regarded as the founder of Zoroastrianism.

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5. It is said that Zoroaster was born in (present-day) Northeastern Iran or Southwestern Afghanistan. He might have been part of a tribe that followed an ancient religion of polytheism, which is defined as a religion with many gods (like, Hinduism).

6. Zoroaster taught His disciples or followers to worship a single God, Ahura Mazda.

7. Some scholars say principles of Zoroastrianism has helped to shape the significant Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam, through the influence of the Persian Empire.

8. An old known symbol of Zoroastrian faith is Faravahar, depicting a man with a beard with his one hand extending forward. He stands on the pair of wings which form a circle. This circle is another significant symbol in Zoroastrianism, symbolising eternity and fire.

9. Zoroastrianism gave their dead, sky burials. A circular, flat-topped tower is made by them. These towers are known as dakhmas and are also said as towers of silence.

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10. A corpse is exposed to various local vultures and elements until the bones are finally picked clean. Bones are collected and placed in lime-pits called ossuaries.

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11. Since the 1970s, Dakhmas have been made illegal in Iran. In current times, many Zoroastrians bury their dead beneath concrete slabs.

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It is considered that Zoroastrianism might be the first monotheistic practice of the world. What are your thoughts on it?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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