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Welcome ZZ Plant To Keep Your Indoor Air Purified

Welcome ZZ Plant To Keep Your Indoor Air Purified

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is better known as the eternity or welcome plants. These ones are easy to care for. Thus, people love to keep them inside their rooms and offices, as they are great for ornamental purposes and also as it has been proven that it purifies the air.

1. The botanical name for the zz plant is Zamioculcas coming from the seeds of intriguing fossil history, genus Zamia and also the genus Colocasia (Old Middle Eastern: culcus, colcas), a near-relative.

ZZ Plant

2. In 1829, Loddiges identified this plant as Caladium zamiifolium, but later, the new genus, Zamioculcas was found by Heinrich Wilhelm Schott. Adolf Engler gave the plant a name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia, which is the only species this plant contains.

3. The other common names of Zamiaculcas are zuzu plant, The Answer Tree, aroid palm, emerald plant, eternity plant and Zanzibar gem plant.

zuzu plants

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4. The plant could be found easily in the Eastern, Southern and North-Eastern states of Africa.

aroid palm

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5. The plant was converted into a commercial product by the Dutch Nurseries in the 1990s, propagating it on a wider-scale.

6. It’s a tropical perennial oxygen and herbaceous plant. That’s why it loves to be kept indoors by the people for decoration primarily due to its smooth and glossy dark-shaded green leaves. It is also widely propagated outdoors again due to its ornamental qualities.

indoors plant

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7. It can grow up to 45cm to 60cm in length (from under the ground). The leaves are 40cm to 60cm long along with several smaller leaflets which grow 7cm to 15cm long. The stems of these thicken inside the soil. The flower is smaller, 5cm to 7cm, a spadix, little hidden in the leaf base. It grows between the summer -mid to autumn. Colour of the flower is in shades of yellow and brown.

8. Although the zz plant is evergreen, it can shed all its leaves in case of drought. Its rootstocks store enough water to survive through the dry season. The leaves can contain 91% water. The smaller-ones are attached to the stem, petioles. Zamioculcas zamiifolia stores 95% water and can survive for more than 3 months without water. Remember excess watering can rotten the plant.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

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9. This plant can survive under low lights. In outdoors, zz plants can survive temperatures between 15°C to 18°C. Under hot temperatures, the leaf production is more. It can tolerate indirect sunlight.

10. The plant can easily be propagated through cuttings & division. You can insert the lower detached edges of the leaves in the gritty soil compost. Remember to keep the pot enclosed inside polythene. Leaves might decay, but if you can see on the compost bulby & fleshy protrusions, then the new plants will form eventually.

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Zanzibar Gem

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11. In the Mulanje District, Malawi and Eastern hilly areas of Usambara Tanzania, zz plant is used as a medicine to treat the earache. The juice from the leaves of zz plant is extracted for the purpose. In Tanzania, the plant is also used to treat the medical condition, mshipa. In the North-West, the roots of the plant are used for treating ulceration.

Plant for medicine

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12. ZZ Plant is also used for purifying the air quality if kept indoors according to a study done in 2014 by the Department of Plant and Environmental Science. It removes several gases like xylene and benzene by 0.01mol a day.

13. Zanzibar Gem consists of calcium oxalate. It can be dangerous for cats and other pets as well. The touch of leaves can cause irritation and consuming the leaves of zz plants can cause minor burning. Be careful thus, while touching this plant.

So, if your indoor-place has great white walls and you are planning to adore it, do give a chance to welcome several zz plant pots in your abode.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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