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Metroidvania Games Is A Must Explore Genre Of Action Games

Metroidvania Games Is A Must Explore Genre Of Action Games



Metroidvania Games are the subgenres of action games, basically in a series of Metroid and Castlevania. These are more challenging than action games with an interconnected map player who has to explore bases and build his own area.

Tracking Metroidvania Games

Metroids, developed by Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986, was not the first game but one of the most influential games in this genre. Nintendo’s goal was to create a non-linear adventure game from other adventure games, requiring a gamer to retrace one’s steps while providing characters power-ups.


Try out some of the following Metroidvania Games on your PC:


Hollow Knight is a 2-dimensional action Metroidvania where you play an insect look-alike character of the Knight. Your task is to encounter the bugs and other creatures. You can use spells for long-range fights and Melee Weapons for short-range combat.

Released Date: 24 February 2017 (Windows)

Mode: Singleplayer

Developer: Team Cherry

Game size: 9 GB

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series, macOS.

Dead Cells is a Roguelike inspired by the Metroidvania Game Style. You control the mass cell, which further manipulates the deceased prisoner at the starting of the game. Fight the creature to collect the skins, weapons, abilities, powers and more.

Released Date: 7 August 2007 (Windows)

Mode: Singleplayer

Developer: Motion twins

Game size: 500 MB

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series, macOS.



Axiom Verge is an action-adventure Metroidvania game where you control a scientist named Trace, suffering from crippling injuries, who wakes up in an ancient and high-tech world.

Released Date: 31 March 2015 (PS4)

Mode: Singleplayer

Developer: Thomas Happ Games

Game size: 300 MB

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, macOS.



Ori and the Blind Forest is a Metroidvania adventure game where the player controls the Ori, a white spirit. The game contains exploration, collecting items and upgrades. You’ll move to different places and solve puzzles.

Released Date: 11 March 2015 ( Windows)

Mode: Singleplayer

Developer: Moon Studios

Game size: 8 GB

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.



Guacamelee is a Metroidvania action-platforming video game. You play as a Luchador Farmer turned into a Wrestler to save the kingdom. The graphics are gonna give you old school vibes.

Released Date: 9 April 2013

Mode: Singleplayer

Developer: DrinkBox Studios

Game size: 800 MB

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Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.



Cave Story is a 2D mechanism game developed by Daisuke Amaya in his free time. It is one of the popular Metroidvania games and also a platformer adventure game. You control the player who tries to kill the enemy and collect their weapons.

Released Date: 20 December 2004

Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

Developer: Nicalis, Studio Pixel, Variant Interactive

Game size: 200 MB

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Linux, Microsoft Windows, GP2X, Amiga.



The Mummy Demastered is another of the known Metroidvania games. In it, you cross a large map that opens up as you progress further. You are a soldier who follows the princess and defeats her monster. It has 2 different endings depending on your survival.

Released Date: 24 October 2017

Mode: Single Player

Developer: WayForward Technologies

Game size: 500 MB

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Microsoft Windows.



And here ends some of our liked and also top-rated Metroidvania Games with pleasing graphics. These are for sure amongst those that every gamer should try and stream on their streaming platforms! But, what are some of your favourites? Drop them down!l

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