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How Aruna Became the Charioteer Of Surya?

How Aruna Became the Charioteer Of Surya?

Sarthak Mittal

During the churning of the ocean, when the amrit finally emerged, Vishnu Deva came in the form of a beautiful lady, Mohini, to distribute the Amrit to the Devas and Asuras. That is where the story of How Aruna Became the Charioteer Of Surya began?

1. Mohini made Asuras and Devas sit down in rows and began dancing gracefully in front of them. All the Asuras were attracted to her. During her dancing, she was cleverly distributing the Amrit to the Devas when the Asuras were not looking.

Aruna, Asuras and Devas

2. But one Asura, named Rahu, noticed it and sat between the Sun and Moon in the form of a Deva. Moon and the Sun, realizing that the Deva sitting between them is a stranger, whom we haven’t seen before, they stopped Mohini.

3. But, a drop of an Amrit was already inside the mouth of a Rahu. He became immortal and also became a Deva. After knowing this Mohini chopped off his head from his body, but because Amrit had already gone into Rahu’s mouth, both the parts of his body were still surviving.

Amrit drop

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4. Rahu’s head got attached with Ketu’s hind part, and they also joined Navgrahas.

5. Now, Rahu and Ketu wanted to take revenge from Sun and Moon. They started to disturb them, occasionally consuming any one of them. These periods are known as eclipses. Sun and Moon only come out whenever the eclipse gets over.

Sun and Moon, Aruna

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6. With such actions of Rahu & Ketu, Surya Deva became angry. Thus, He generates the full heat from his body, affecting the lives on earth, heaven and other planets and how they survived.

7. This tussle made Devas go to Lord Brahma for the solution. Brahma Deva decided to put a screen in front of Surya Dev to lessen the amount of heat he gave out.

8. Brahma also created a fireproof chariot, Aruna, to drive it, who could withstand and lessen the heat and light that the Sun produces.

9. Brahma Deva thus blessed Surya Deva. He explained everything to Surya and told him to calm down. Once relaxed, Surya accepts Aruna as his chariot who would drive Surya in it.


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Then, he also appointed Aruna as a God of the Bright Sky, which is right before Sunrise, known as Arunodaya.

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