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Dessert Spoon Ki Albeli Duniya

Dessert Spoon Ki Albeli Duniya


Ever wondered if dessert spoon were not there, how that sweet incident would have ever happened? That is, ‘Chandu ke chacha ne, Chandu ki Chachi ki, chandi ki chamach se chatni chatai.’


Yes, spoons are the most beautiful object to use while eating your food or dessert. It reflects back to your way of holding things in your life. Dessert spoons are of another significance. They express royalty, beauty and taste preference too. If you are not a “chamach” fan, we are here to make you one!

  1. Spoons Ka Itihaas
  • ‘Spoon’ was derived from Latin and Greek words which means spiral shell. Around about 1000BC, evidence has of using spoons has been found.
  • The Shang Dynasty from China used to make spoons out of bone. “Gazab hai aap log, yaar! Gazab.”
Spoons Ka Itihaas

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  1. Dessert Spoons Banate Kaise Hai
  • Earlier spoons were made out of wood, ivory, gold, silver and iron. Nowadays, spoons (including dessert spoons) are made out of stainless steel.
  • Even thermochromic spoons are used for babies.
  1. Dessert Spoons Ke Kai Avatar
  • Shapes of the dessert can make you forget about the beauty of your crush. Dessert spoons come in many shapes like side notch, hanging and flat end.
  • Even they are shaped into hearts, or you can customise it “agr zyaada paisa ho toh.”
  1. Dessert Spoons Ke Kai Prakar
  • Dessert spoons appear in different types like Bouillon, Caviar and Demitasse spoon.
  • Every dessert has its own dessert to eat. Don’t you dare to eat a cake without its mate spoon! “Bura lagta hai unhe yaar”.
Dessert Spoons Ke Kai Prakar

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  1. Keemat Kya Hai Dessert Spoons Ki?
  • The price of dessert spoons derives from the material used in making them.
  • You will be shocked to know the most expensive spoon in the world is INR 10,29,500! “Come, let us cry in the corner together.”
  • Dessert spoons are available at lower prices too, you can check them out on Amazon.
Keemat Kya Hai Dessert Spoons Ki?

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  1. Kaise Kare Dessert Spoons Ka Istemal?
  • Dessert spoons are not bound to be used for eating sweet dishes.
  • Dessert spoons come out of tablespoon and teaspoon, so their uses depend upon you.
  • Dessert spoons reflect back your lavishness. These can be used to impress your date.
  1. Aao Kuch Interesting Jaane!
  • So first documented use of the spoon was in England in 1259.
  • The Biggest Spoon Collection of the world has 5,400 Spoons!
  • ‘The Room’ featured a lot of pictures released in 2003.

Dessert spoons can have your heart once you explore them. “Pyaar ho jayega boss!” Even if you are looking for a gift, go engraved their name on spoons and make them happy.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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