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Colleges For Acting In India To Be Professional Nautankibaaz!

Colleges For Acting In India To Be Professional Nautankibaaz!


A list of colleges for actors in India–a place of colorful and dank people. Har tarah ke rang milenge yahan. Love to be dramatic, always choose to act like an innocent one, and want to pursue it as your career? So yes! You must save the following list of colleges for Acting in India.

Stop wasting your talent and give a read to this list of colleges for acting in India:

  1. National School Of Drama

This is one of the most renowned colleges for acting in India, set up by Sangeet Natak Akademi (1959). Later on, it became a free entity in 1975. Har kalakar ka Sapna yahan padhna.

Chairman-Paresh Rawal


Address-Bahawalpur House, New Delhi, India

  1. National Institute Of Film & Fine Arts

This acting college is the only college in eastern India affiliated with the Federation of Film Society of India and National Film Archive, India. It was established in 1990. You’ll be part of one of the most beautiful campuses!

Chairman-Shekhar Kapur

Fees-1,90,000 average per year

Address-Kolkata, West Bengal

National Institute Of Film & Fine Arts

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  1. Film And Television Of India

It was established in 1960 as an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Information and broadcasting of India. FTII is a member of the International Liaison Center Schools of Cinema and Television.

Chairman-Shekhar Kapur

Fees-1,30,000 average per year


Address-Pune, Maharashtra

  1. Satyajit Ray Film Institute

Established in 1995, this institute is named after filmmaker Satyajit Ray. It provides higher and technical knowledge of film making and television production.

Chairman-Amaresh Chakrabarti

Fees-600 for one-course, 900 for two-course and 1200 for three-course

Address-Kolkata, West Bengal

Satyajit Ray Film Institute

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  1. Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts

It was established in 1958, Delhi’s best-known theatre and amongst the known colleges for acting in India. It is also known as SRC, managed by Indian National Theatre Trust, and is quite famous for chili potato!

Chairman-Ravi Vira Gupta

Fees-50,000 average per year

Address-Mandi House, New Delhi

Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts
  1. Bhartendu Academy Of Dramatic Arts

Established in 1975, also known as Bharatendu Natya Akademi. It works under the Ministry of culture, Uttar Pradesh. It offers two years of the diploma course of acting. It is one of the colleges for acting in India that can make you know the real essence of performance.

Chairman-Ramesh Gupta

Fees-17,000 average per year


Address-Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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  1. Kerala State Chalachitra Academy

This college for actors was established in 1998 under the Department of culture, Government of Kerala. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the quality of filmmaking.


Fees-1000 average per year


Kerala State Chalachitra Academy

Go and transform your acting skills into the talent which can make you earn and turn you into a worthy someone! Try your chance in some of the above colleges for acting in India. Who knows that pretending to sleep while parents come to check you might literally turn you into an actor?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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