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Instagram over the years!

Instagram over the years!



Let’s play the game word association. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Instagram? , Bachpan ka Pyaar, Dinero, unlimited music remixes, and lots of talent. 

Over time the app has evolved and become the fourth most popular social media platform. Let’s reel our way into some more interesting facts about this trendsetting channel.


  1. The founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram on 6 October 2010.

  2. The first image uploaded was that of a stray dog by Kevin Systrom.

  3. The initial name before the launch of the app was Burbn, derived from the founder’s favorite alcoholic beverage. But later at the time of the app launch, it was decided upon Instagram.

  4. The initial focus of the app was to showcase photographs captured primarily by mobile phones. However, over the years, the functionality of the app evolved. Like, IGTV, stories, messages, and boomerangs.

  5. Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Can you pay my automo’ bills? Kahi to Suna hai naa, one of the most popular features of the app, Reels, yes the one’s you scroll day in and day out with no regret!

  6. In the beginning, the app was only available for Ios users. Later on, keeping in mind its gaining popularity, it was made available for android users.

  7. In August 2015, Instagram expanded the photo formats from 640 Pixels to 1080 Pixels.

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  8. On 9 April 2012, Instagram was taken over by Facebook for $1 Billion.

  9. Starting as just an app to showcase images and videos, Instagram has grown to become a platform where small businesses thrive. During the coronavirus pandemic, many people took to the app to support their circumstances.

  10. FUN FACT: Pizza is the most Instagrammed food followed by Sushi.

  11. Over time the along with the features, the logo of the app has also evolved. 


Interesting to know so many things right? Okay! Now you can go back and complete that reel or check if there’s a new trend!

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