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Safe Sleeping Environment For Babies

Safe Sleeping Environment For Babies


It's our responsibility to ensure a safe sleeping environment for babies, while they win us over with their charm and cuteness even in the middle of their sleep. These few suggestions might help you out in making sure that your little one sleeps safe and sound:

1. The baby should be put to sleep in a crib on a firm mattress on its back. This practice must be followed whenever the baby is put to sleep, be it night or day.

2. Make sure that your little one sleeps close to you in your bedroom, but only in its crib, cradle or bassinet. It saves you from the hassle of rushing to a different room when your baby wakes up in the middle of its sleep, also ensuring your baby's care and safety.

3. Putting your bags on a sofa or armchair is fine, but putting your babies is not! The baby might roll over to its side on such a soft surface and might suffocate due to a lack of air for breathing.

4. Maintaining a proper body temperature is necessary to ensure a safe sleeping environment for babies. A room with a stable temperature without excess clothing is ideal to ensure that the baby's body temperature is not too warm.

5. Can you think of sleeping comfortably in a pair of jeans or a formal suit? Exactly! Make sure that your baby's sleep clothing is comfortable. A one-piece sleeper or a thin and soft night-suit is an ideal preference.

6. A baby's breathing passage shouldn't be obstructed at any time. Soft objects (like blankets, sheets, pillows, quilts, comforters, etc.) that might interrupt the baby's air supply should be kept away from the baby's sleeping area.

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7. Make sure to use only those products which fulfil all the conditions of safe sleep recommendations for babies. Avoid using commercial devices which have no particular safety standards.

8. A car ride or quality time on a swing might be ideal for entertaining your little one. Still, they are not the places for putting your baby to sleep, as they can restrict the baby's airflow. Avoid leaving the baby asleep in a car or a swing.

9. Even though babies remind you of all the soft things, their sleeping surface should be firm. Soft sleeping surfaces can pose a risk to the breathing and airflow of the baby.

While these suggestions can give you a headstart, it is advisable to consult a certified child specialist. Get to know more about the practices that ensure a safe sleeping environment for babies.

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