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Couple Types To Guess & Play Your Type

Couple Types To Guess & Play Your Type


Couple types ki baat chhidi hi hai toh, yaad aya vo dialogue from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: “zindagi mein kuch rishtey hum khud chunte hai…aur kuch rishtey rabji hamare liye chunte hai.”



Read below a list of unique couple types and let us know what type of couple “is” you in the comments?



  1. Foodies–egg-xactly! They prefer eating pizza in silence rather than solving a case around “We were on a break!”. They explore different cuisine types together.
  1. Bollywood Bugs are the most chilled couples who can’t function without a little bit of background music and drama at their side. They are the Laila-Majnu when it comes to catching up on some first-day, first-show! (Caution: zaruri nahi ki aapka genre preferences similar ho.)
  1. Social Media Addicts ka main motive hota, to either boast or inspire their single friends. They can’t function without sharing their “couple-goals” on social media, telling their followers about what it is like to be in a “real relationship”. Posting their stories, snaps of each other every time, with a caption like, “Hum koi Romeo-Juliet se kaam hai ke.”
  1. Bachpan ka Pyaar waale is all about unbreakable trust. It is a rare type of bond that these couple types share. It is more about sticking together to keep their secrets and don’t feel awkward. Made for each other couples.
  1. Nickname Couples need to call each other with nicknames exclusive to them. It is their way to make each other feel special–so, no judgments…*zip*.
  1. Office Couples are those love-birds who work in the same office. They are usually together, be it coffee or lunch break, from mere glances of hope to be with each other after a not-so-well day at the office. These couples type can really be a problem/disturbance for some if they fail to maintain their professional & personal bond.
  1. Age Gap Couples are those couples who compare themselves to aged gap personalities. These couple types are more like a parent to each other. They take the phrase, “who is your Daddy?” just too seriously.
  1. Gaming Couples can be seen in the Duo Game Lobby every time they talk and would love to play together, enjoying their love talks through games.
  1. Travel Couples are all about going through and beyond “yeh haseen waadiyan, yeh khula aasmaan.” They have more travel goals than family goals kyunki “Hobbies wala jo column hota hai us mein ye bold aur capital main TRAVELLING likhte hai.

humse door jaoge kaise, dil se hume bhulaoge kaise,

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hum woh khushboo jo saanson mein bastein hai,

khud ki saanson ko rok paoge kaise?

Every couple is similar, but their way of expressing love is “individualistic”. So, what type of couples are you then? Drop and share love in the comments below!

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