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Jute Types That You Must-Know About!

Jute Types That You Must-Know About!

types of Jute

Originating from the Jutland Peninsula or mainland of Denmark and parts of Germany is the Jute Fabric. Jute has developed consistently over time, and today, there are several Jute types. Four must-know Jute Types are as follows:

White Jute: As its name suggests, white jute is lighter in colour than other fibre strains, but this type of jute is also less durable than its cousins.

White Jute

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Tossa Jute: Tossa jute is an important jute type in the world of fabrics today. In colour, it is more brown than off-white. Its fibres are just as long and firm as any other type of jute.

Mesta Jute: Mesta is a hybrid of White and Tossa. While this type of jute was not historically popular, political complications during India’s tumultuous independence period led to the prominence of this type of jute’s production.


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Jute Cuttings: Jute Cutting is the byproduct of the production of jute. This jute type is rough. Thus, it is the least desirable part of the jute plant. But, they can also be used as the rudimentary textiles.

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These are four must-know jute types. How many of these jute fabrics do you have in your wardrobe?

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