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Best Acrylic Paintings Chosen By Majnu Bhai

Best Acrylic Paintings Chosen By Majnu Bhai


Kala aur Kalakar both are like Laila-Majnu to each other. One cannot live without the other. We all are art enthusiasts who love to draw creatures in dirt-covered cars, the last page of the notebook and even monuments (but it is kind of unacceptable). But in the urge of this love for art, we want our homes to look like swarg. Though, where is apsara, bro? Leave searching apsara and look at these mind-blowing acrylic paintings that are more beautiful than your crush!

  1. Letting Go by Randy L. Honerlah

Letting Go is one of the best acrylic paintings to bring peace to your chaotic brain. Also, you can use your creative mind to interpret what you want to see here, momos dikhai diye kya?

Letting Go by Randy L. Honerlah
  1. Lanterns by April M. Rimpo

Lanterns (laltain) is another one of the best acrylic paintings, made to lighten your mood and extract-out all the stress from your head. There is a variety of acrylic colours in this painting, just like your ex.

  1. Fancy Feathers by Cher Anderson

This acrylic painting is the outcome of an unseen moment when Flamingo opens up its wings like your parents say yes to Goa. It has thin washes of acrylic colours giving it a realistic look.

  1. Mellow Yellow by Scott Ramsay

Yellow yellow, not a dirty fellow,” a soothing acrylic painting to brighten your mood, with the use of warm yellow to attract viewers.

  1. Butterfly Effect by Yelena York

This is the direct creation of acrylic colours, a vibrant butterfly pulling you close to nature and beautifying your space.

  1. Wood by Ellen Fuller

A white and black acrylic-painting, giving a raw look with realistic effects. It focuses on bark texture to leave an impact on the mind of the viewer.

See Also

  1. The Morning After the Snowstorm by Ray Hassard

Great use of blue colour with the tint of orange, seems like barf ka gola to eat. After a snowstorm signifies peace of life, just like the silence in your house after your mom caught you smoking.

So know the worth of choosing the right acrylic paintings. They can fill a dim room with the light of creativity. Just like you consider different aspects of clothes before buying them, make these considerations before buying some of the best acrylic paintings.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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