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Common Sports Nutrition Myths That Are Holding You Back

Common Sports Nutrition Myths That Are Holding You Back


Stay aware of the following sports nutrition myths that might be becoming a hindrance in your fitness training regimen.

No wonder, why so many new athletes are confused when it comes to losing fat, gaining muscles and succeeding their goals: There are so many sports nutrition myths attached games, health and fitness, which makes people confused!

If you are an athlete, then do not be trapped in such sports nutrition myths.

Myth 1:

“Eating carbs will make me fat.”


The truth is, without carbs, your body will break down protein to get glycogen (stored carbs), hindering the natural muscle recovery process.


Taking protein after a workout can aid in nourishing muscles and burn fat- right!


But then, the same is true for carbs

Myth 2: 

“I need to eat as much protein as possible.”


Well, a high-protein diet can be beneficial but only if taken in the correct quantity.


Your aim must be 30-35% protein in each meal. This way, one will be able to meet the needs of other nutrients as well.


For example, begin your day with a good-sized egg that contains 6g of high-quality protein (i.e., all nine essential amino acids) and 13 vitamins and minerals.


Myth 3:

“I must drink 8-glasses of water every day.”


Since hydration needs are not like, one size fits all, the average daily intake for men is 3.7 litres and 2.7 litres for women.


It is better to be familiar with the signs of dehydration. Drink more until your urine is a colour of pale yellow.


Yeah, you must take a good look at the thing! It articulates a lot about your health.

Myth 4:

“Eating after 8 p.m. will cause weight gain.”


A crucial part of weight-gain or weight-loss is not when you eat but 

what you eat.


No, no–we are not talking philosophy here.


What we mean is, eating nutrients, like lean proteins and veggies, which will not help you gain more weight. So eat them more often!


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If you continue to consume a calorie-rich meal at 8 p.m. and go to good-nights sleep an hour later, you are sure to hold on to some of those calories, helping you to gain weight.


Myth 5:

“Any salt in my diet will make me bloated.”


Yes, even we are thinking, who gave a push to such a thought?


Everyone knows salt actually helps you to keep hydrated. In fact, sports-person, who sweats regularly, need more sodium than any other average individual.

Myth 6:

“I should do a workout while fasting to burn more fat.”


Starve and work out in the gym together? It is a pretty bad idea in reality!


When the body does not have an ample amount of glycogen stores, it might start to collapse its own muscle-tissue for energy/fuel.


This means, rather than burning fat, one will instead be burning muscles when working out! Also, not eating before a workout can result in low energy, hindering your athletic abilities.

Now, whether or not you are an athlete, always research first before beginning to practice anything at all! Also, if you know someone who is into sports, do share this blog with them and make them aware of the above sports nutrition myths.

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